Cher Pastore is a registered dietitian in private practice in New York City specializing in diabetes management. With over 15 years experience in practice Cher has launched Carb Matters as her clients interest in her treatment style grew. Cher has been featured in multiple online publications, including Diabetes Daily, DLife, and Everyday Health and on television on Fox and Friends and Extra TV.  Cher’s book, The 28 Day Blood Sugar Miracle, January 2016, can be found online and in bookstores across the country. Cher’s approach to treating diabetes is a fresh and modern take based on evidence based medical nutrition therapy. Through her treatment approach Cher is able to create easy to follow meal plans and recipes reflective of her clients tastes, needs, interests and lifestyle. CarbMatters aims to bring a fun and current approach to treating diabetes. CarbMatters mission is to be your preeminent source for diabetes recipes, new technologies in diabetes advancement, the latest diabetic friendly foods and nutrition advice.

CarbMatters is your go to resource for providing you the information you need to take charge of your diabetes.


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