That's It Bars


That's it bars are a great way to get fruit on the go. Of course the real deal is always best, but if your on-the-go and need a healthy dose of vitamin C, pick up one of these bars. There called "That's It" because they are made entirely of real fruit- THATS IT! They'll keep you satisfied and help control your blood glucose levels with 2-4 gm fiber per 100 calorie serving. Although some flavors are slightly higher than others in carbohydrates (21-27 gm/serving) they come from the natural fruit source: fructose and as long as they are paired with a non-carb counterpart or eaten solo, they are a great snack choice! Try the "Apple + Pineapple" or the "Apple + Coconut" and throw in a small handful of almonds for a protein boost.